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Our authors work tirelessly to create amazing stories of romance. Meet each one of them and get to know the story behind the author.

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Each of our books goes through multiple editorial runs. Two editors go through every publication to ensure it is as clean as possible.


Love Knot Books is proud to announce an open call for submissions. Do you have a manuscript that needs a home? If you've done your work right we'll work to make it publishable.


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Coming in 2019 - SLOANE

Set in the once-scenic resort town of Riders Bay, Sloane is an eccentric and completely captivating woman who bamboozles everyone she meets with stories of adventure or with a sultry look. But Andy Simmons comes along and is thrown into a Juggernaut of chaos.

Written by Nicholas Kurch this madcap comedy will take you through twists and turns while Sloane shapes a class ware between the people of Riders Bay and spins Andy's head with her wild ways.


Beth pushes beyond her comfort zone to prove her final sociology thesis. She turns a chance meeting with a known player into her own personal experiment on first impressions. Weaving herself into casual meetings with Jeremy reinforces her assumptions… until she’s no longer the one pursuing him.

About Us

Love Knot is the romance imprint of DAOwen Publications. We are looking for all genres of romance (except erotica). We do not condone explicit language, graphic violence, or abuse for pleasure.

Our Chili Scale

When picking a romance novel you need to know just how HOT the writing is going to be. This is why we have a chili scale so you know if you can read it on the bus or if it should be hidden in the night stand for those times when you want to indulge in a guilty pleasure.

One Chili

We hold hands and walk in the park. This is the lightest form of romance there is. It is is the rated G of romance and just  about as safe as you can get. Read it to your daughter safe in most cases.

Two Chilies

It's a little steamy with some physical contact, like necking and desires coming through. Our characters are a little more involved with each other beyond just holding hands.  We're getting into the PG area of reading here.

Three Chilies

Is it getting hot in here? Use your hand to fan yourself because we're getting a little adult. Here is where the romance starts to explore sexuality and people being together in more adult situations. We call this the AA of romance.

Four or Five

Time to take a cold shower! Wow! Am I blushing yet? This is the guilty pleasure of romance novels with sweaty bodies twisting together, but still no erotica. It puts a smile on your face just before bed time.