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 Graduation can be killer…

Beth pushes beyond her comfort zone to prove her last sociology thesis. She turns a chance meeting with a known player into her own personal experiment on first impressions. Weaving herself into casual meetings with the guy reinforces her assumptions… until she’s no longer the one pursuing him.

Jeremy’s only serious relationship is with his studies as he competes for the coveted post-grad theoretical chemistry spot with Dr. Young. When the campus goes into lockdown and everyone is evacuated to the stadium, his habit of “fun only” friendships turns into a curse.

The only person Jeremy can trust to help him find his misplaced not-so-theoretical chem project is a skittish girl he’s known for ten days.

Beth is forced to weigh her options with a not-so-clear head as two weeks of thesis support risk imploding on a hunch not led by her gut, but her heart. COMING WINTER 2018/19

~ MJ Moores, Author



Once you invite her in, nothing will be the same again…

What do an illicit deal, an ex-wife, a gala for the rich, and an assassin lover all have in common? Usually, not much, but Sloane will make magic from all of it.

~ Nicholas Kurch, Author