FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you publish new authors?

Yes, we accept submissions from new authors. In fact, we love new authors. There is nothing more rewarding to us than publishing a first timer. Our editing also helps new authors see what mistakes to be aware of in their future endeavors.

Are you a print on demand shop?

Yes, we do print on demand for distribution partners Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram for online booksellers. We also have a printing partner to supply author purchases at a discount rate.

What do I need to pay in order to get my manuscript published?

No. You pay nothing. Zero. Zilch. We cover all costs of the publication process from editing to artwork to the final product.

Do I need to purchase copies of my book once it is finished?

No, but we suggest you carry a stock of books for signing (10 plus depending on how active you are). Most authors want to have a physical copy of the work, and we agree that is a good idea, but you are under no obligation. Most authors usually order 20-50 copies for shows or speaking engagements.

What do you expect of me if my manuscript is accepted?

If accepted, we will send you a publishing contract for signing. You will receive a copy of the contract as well, signed by our publisher. After that, we start the editing process and getting the work ready for publication. We involve you, the writer, in this process. We return the manuscript for rewrites as needed, and corrections when called for. Once all both our editorial staff and you address the content issues, the work goes to SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) for corrections. We correct all errors and we complete the layout work. Cover art then ordered, and before it picked, we share with you the thoughts of our design team, which usually includes 3-10 layout choices. Once all are completed, we pick a release date that will meet both the needs of the publisher and the author. If needed, a promotional video created.

Do you pay advances?

No, we do not pay advances.

How do I get paid?

We distribute royalties quarterly, paid through several modes depending on the amount. Canadian authors can chose receive their royalties (up to $5,000) by direct deposit (EMT), while others receive a PayPal payment, money order, or wire payment to their account.

What are royalties?

Royalties are the contracted amount due to the author on funds generated by the manuscript once published. Our contract states clearly that we, the publishers, guarantee you, the author, royalties on any monies generated by your work, regardless of where those funds come from. This is in writing. This is in the contract.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns on unsold books if they are distributed to a bookstore by us. If the bookstore orders through Ingram, the books are non-returnable.

Where are the books distributed?

We distribute our published books online and through bookstores worldwide. We have partnered with Ingram for major distribution, and also have a distribution office to help supply copies to bookstores in North America.

I don’t live in Canada or the United States. Will you still accept my manuscript?

Yes, we love books, so if you live in England or The Netherlands, we may still accept your manuscript for publication.

Do you also sell to the public?

Yes, we sell ebooks from our company website and attend many sales events yearly.