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Romance Novels Needed

Authors Needed – Love Knot Books

Romance Authors NeededAuthors needed now! Yes, an open call for submissions is happening at Love Knot books. Why? Because even though we love romance, we have yet to find one right for our company. Yes, we have high standards. You need to make us want to read your manuscript. Make our heart flutter. Pulse race.

But even if your ideas are good but lack writing experience, are you ready to submit? Yes, if you have polished and rewritten the work to your best ability. We’re not talking first drafts or books without a good grounding in writing knowledge – the old show not tell sort of thing. We will work with first time authors interested in starting their writing career off with a caring company that treats you like a real person. That means taking you by the hand and working with you like a partner to get the novel published.

We are a traditional publisher. That means we don’t ask you for money or try to sell you packages. We’ll take your manuscript, edit, polish with you, and publish it. You get a publishing contract and maybe, if it sells well, good royalty cheques (checks for our American authors).  Do you need more information?

Our parent company publishes amazing works from authors worldwide. We painstakingly edit and publish each manuscript. Every novel is available in any bookstore and even several libraries worldwide. One novel, Realizing River City, even won two awards from the Independent Authors’ Network! Could yours be the next one to published and critically acclaimed? You won’t know unless you submit it.

Authors Needed – But Who is Accepted?

Read our submission guidelines and send us your manuscript. No query letters, no hoop jumping, just show us your beautiful writing, and if we love it, you’re on the way to being published.

We will accept authors who have reached the age of majority (18) and worked on their manuscript to make sure it stands out from the rest. You must have worked on it until nothing stands out as being wrong or out of place. If accepted, we’ll send you a contract after a brief Skype meeting and assign our first editor to work with you on structure, story, and plot. Once the manuscript is completely polished, it will go into SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar) to make sure it shines. We believe the industry standard of 5% errors is way too high, so be aware we are nit picking everything so the work will stand out.

You work with our editors to make sure the manuscript is perfect and acceptable to all. Once done, we commission artwork for the cover completed and set a publication date. The work becomes available to bookstores both online and physical. You talk to bookstores in your area and line up signings and we supply the books to them.

One published, you can sit back and work on your next novel, knowing your publishing company will send you royalties and report all sales.

So what are you waiting for? Authors needed!

If you want to just submit and have everything already put together, then just click on our submission button

We want to read your manuscript and if we like it, publish your work.